Dungeon Warfare
I was checking Google to see if Dungeon Warfare had a Global ladder or leaderboard and i found this at the top.
So what is this is it a real thing?
When i try to sign in with my Steam profile it wont let me.
Farthest i got said Steam ladder was offline or unavailable or something.
On the site it shows 3 peoples score for Dungeon Warfare but i cant sign in to add and compare mine.
Is there a Steam ladder that i can add to all my games that dont have their own so i can easily compare scores is what i'm asking?
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Findus May 16 @ 1:31pm 
Never heard of it.
Listege  [developer] May 17 @ 10:54am 
Hmm... We don't know about that service and how it works.
And I'm not on Dungeon Warfare rank too :(
It just compares steam playtime etc
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