Dungeon Warfare
Yggdrasil Jul 29, 2017 @ 1:33pm
'Couple of things - in case this game is still being updated
(Though my hopes are slim with DW2 announced). Still, there is the mobile version... Anyway.

1. Bug - Lightning trap level 4 tooltip still states it to be level 5

2. Demon Portal doesn't have a unique level 4 uprade. :(

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Shas'o O'Kais Jul 31, 2017 @ 10:49pm 
Yeah it is unlikely the original will get any more updates since it's more profitable to just switch to a new game you can sell.

Lightning Trap isn't the only tower with this issue, there are one or two others. I believe one of the spinning blade traps also reads as "level 5". I never really cared, just a tooltip error or possibly left over from an earlier build where that version really was the 5th level.

Neither of the spawning towers have level 4 upgrades, but it is not a bug, it is intended. You can tell because when you're putting points into either of them in the upgrade screen, all the other towers list when you are able to build each level of tower, all the way up to 4th, but Lich Crypt and Demon Portal don't have 4th towers listed there.

Also, the tower is called lich crypt, says it summons liches, etc, but the units are called Necromancers. So... :)

I mean yeah they're technically bugs but hardly game breaking, I just overlooked em all. You aren't likely to see an update.
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