Dungeon Warfare
Looking for Help hints tips for high level Endless
Having fun with endless but soon or later i get killed on the upper levels
I looked through the guides and posts

When the heavy enemies start showing up the Spring Trap and Push Trap
Become useless

Just recentlyI had some success
by combining Freezing Trap: upgraded to Deep Freeze plus Harpoon.
But that simply does not kill enough enemies
Would spring or Push Trap work on the heavy frozen enemies

Any luck with Black Hole Trap? Does that work at all for throwing enemies off ledges or into spikes for the high level heavy enemies

I’ve been using Spin Blade Trap, to slow the enemy down
But For damage type traps as the enemies get stronger and have more health i just cant kill them all

I was going to try for my rear guard traps Hex,
but i heard at upper levels it is no longer an instant kill
also i need to kill large amounts of emeies and hex is slow and single target

Also wondering what is the best Consumable for endless
Mechaical Boost seem to be good for making a kill zone
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FM THE FEEBLE Mar 31, 2017 @ 6:22am 
Multiple Black Hole traps on the edge of the terrain activating one after another would be the best way to kill higher level enermies. If you drag too many enermies, they will fall off and die. Hex won't kill enermies after 120 waves or so. They simply activate and nothing happens after that.
Mechanical Boost might be the best one combined with Spin Blade. It will completely block the road. Midas Touch will also partially block the way and cause some enermies to fall off.
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