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How to reliably engage in Melee combat
Yaratıcı: Jolly Jew
Sadly, the Melee feature in RO2 is wonky and unreliable to those who didn't extensivly train with it. so here's a little guide to help your nazi stabbing be less frustarting...
RO2 hipfire guide
Yaratıcı: Rooster
You will be the pro leet mlg sniper headshot 420 swag meme bullshit ever!...
Beginner Weapons
Yaratıcı: Rooster
Weapons beginners should use...
How 2 b gud a commander
Yaratıcı: Inventor of the Rock☜☆☞
Do you hate it to that every time you call a artillery you get kicked from a server or gettin a infinte rage from your team meates saying that you suck? than this is the ultimate guide FUR U!...
How to Destroy Enemy Armor
Yaratıcı: Eliminator2033
Hello. I was inspired to make this my the sheer amount of people that take the engineer role but dont use it to its full advantages. Most of them do not use their AT grenades or satchels, which can change the course of the battle if used against Armor. ...
Being a successful Team Leader: A Guide for all players.
Yaratıcı: LowFatMilk
This is a simple guide that demonstrates the Do's, Dont's and Mindset required to be an effective Team Leader in Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm. I will be writing it so that even new players can read this, pick it up and be a good TL straight away, because...
Guia de Iniciantes RO2/RS (Modo de Infantaria)
Yaratıcı: [-Br.C-] k.U.r.T.?
Tutorial Básico de Infantaria traduzido do RO2/RS...
So, you wanna be an Operator like me?
Yaratıcı: Goalie
If you want to not suck at this game you should pay attention...
Mortars, Artillery, Naval Strike, Rockets and You:
Yaratıcı: Praxius
The Differences and Benefits of Each Type of Strike Rocket Strike Video at the end was created by Fennistil in YouTube....
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