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How to Destroy Enemy Armor
Yaratıcı: Eliminator2033
Hello. I was inspired to make this my the sheer amount of people that take the engineer role but dont use it to its full advantages. Most of them do not use their AT grenades or satchels, which can change the course of the battle if used against Armor. ...
How To Be a Stupid German Rifleman
Yaratıcı: Master Shake
This guide will turn you from a autistic 12 year old Call of Duty Player into a Stupid German Master Rifleman....
How to Rifleman
Yaratıcı: Twig
This is a guide will give you some tips to help make you a better rifleman. I have played 800 hrs. on the game, and most of them as rifleman, so I thought I would help some of you noobs so my team doesn't suck as much...
Seienchins Guide on defending Iwojima A+B
Yaratıcı: seienchin88
Ultimate Guide to defend the first two points at Iwojima. Beginner to Veteran Level....
Your role as a Red Army soldier
Yaratıcı: [PKKA]Tovarish ToNy
The Red Army can be even more powerful than the German Army if played right as they have a different playstyle compared to the Germans as the Red Army is more specialized on close combat due to their weapons specifically the PPSh-41. So heres a guide how ...
Left Handed Key Bindings
Yaratıcı: Auriteans | HansJaeger
This is a mirror of the default key bindings of Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer aimed for left handed players. ...
How to get around the VAC ban auto kick
Yaratıcı: Fre3k
Because you have a VAC ban from years ago on another game doesn't mean you don't get to play RO2 right?...
Know Your Role- Germans
Yaratıcı: Jarhead
This guide will give you tips on how to use your role effectively and how it should be used in your service for the German Wermacht....
Advanced Squad Leader Tactics
Yaratıcı: [82nd]2LT.BigX
There are many guides out there that explain how to play as a Squad Leader in RO2, but most of them only cover the basics. This guide reflects my personal play style and the tactics I use to win consistently high scores in the Squad Leader class....
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