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Why you sir/madam should get in the cap zone!
Yaratıcı: Sir Jack The Lazy
People seem to not understand why they should get in the cap zone and so my guide will try to persuade you to get your ass in it....
being more gud
Yaratıcı: ripipipipip
Experienced earned through wasting my life....
Hapless' Guide to Capping Objectives
Yaratıcı: Hapless
An attackers's tactical toolkit- how to take objectives, advance, seize the initiative and overrun the enemy...
Advanced Team Leader (Commander) Tactics
Yaratıcı: (ODC)Dragon88
There are many guides out there that explain how to play as a Team Leader in RO2, but most of them only cover the basics. This guide reflects my personal play style and the tactics I use to lead my team to consistent wins in the Team Leader class....
How to Remove Menu Music
Yaratıcı: 71st_AH_Mastiff
This will help those who do not wish to listen to the loud music when waiting for the MP list to populate. or listen to the Menu music....
Glory the easy way!!!
Yaratıcı: Dr.
This guide shows you the path to victory comrades! Take these words to heart, And bring down fascist enemy!...
How to have swag
Yaratıcı: SpinninMonkey
This guide will show you how to make a perfect noscope on the battlefield! So you play a lot of Red Orchestra 2, and you want to be a MLG Player? Well you are in the right place so lets start. Getting started Well for your MLG Noscope you will...
Regarding Teamkilling
Yaratıcı: RavenJuice
This guide will investigate the subject of teamkilling in RO2 and Rising Storm. It will touch on what is teamkilling, why it happens and steps to take to reduce risk of teamkilling and what to do if you are teamkilled or have killed a fellow member of you...
How to put boobytraps as Jap
Yaratıcı: Oddball
Easy quicky guide: To put a boobytrap with the Type 97 grenade, crouch, look down under you and right click while having the grenade in the hand. You should see an animation, if you are not, the ground is either too hard, or its just not working right...
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