Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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How To Fight LMG's
作者: Killer3000PL
How to fight light machine gunners in a proper way....
Поднимаем FPS, и не только..
作者: babaj
Снимаем ограничение FPS, а также пытаемся повысить производительность игры. И еще немного полезностей....
Elite's Survival Guide for Combat
作者: Elite [VCB]
As I was in multiple "tactical" clans with regular training sessions, drills and operations, I think you may be able grab the one or other useful thing from here. The guide is divided in: - Basic Combat Guide - Environment and Uniform Colours - Teamwor...
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Serving your emperor in Rising Storm (updated)
作者: |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
An instructional guide to playing japense in Rising Storm. In this edition of my Field Guide Series we cover the basics of sweeping the Pacific as a japenese recruit. If you wanna be the next famous samurai fighting for your emperor, then this is the guid...
Red Orchestra 2- The Complete Guide To Killing Light Tanks and Transports
作者: General Sir Anthony C H Melchett
How to praise Wump
作者: '̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏LordWumpis
Red Orchestra 2- The Complete Guide to AntiTank Rifles PTRS-41 and PZB 784(R)
作者: General Sir Anthony C H Melchett
Comment rendre Oncle Sam fier de toi.
作者: ๖ۣۜPerfide
Pour les VRAIS américains qui détestent lire, aiment les femmes, la bière et le base-ball....
How to kill tanks with an AT rifle, a manual.
作者: LugNut
How to be successful using the AT rifle against tanks. Tips for strategy as well as all known softspots shown for the PIV, PIII, T-34 and T-70. If this guide is of help to you, please rate and favorite it, this will make it easier for other player...
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