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Advanced Field Tactics
von Pte Maylam
Comprehensive and detailed guide from basics to advanced tactics. New for 2015: Tank Gunnery. Marksmanship, movement, cover, smoke, close quaters, concealment, spotting, ID'ing and more. Lots of in-depth advice for new players and old. The i...
Заметки для начинающих
von YouMan'Менталист
Приветствую Солдат! Всем известно, что Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stallingrad требует довольно специфичного опыта, которогo нет в других шутерах подобн...
Weapons and their unlocks
von <PJ>Zeleny_Slonik
Largest guide to weapons of RO2 and RS as well as their unlocks. Including screenshots and description. Special thanks to Bot Josh and SirBurger27 for their help on this!...
So, you wanna be an Operator like me?
von Goalie
If you want to not suck at this game you should pay attention...
Rising Storm - Japanese Scope Guide
von Flowermouth
The Japanese scope may look complicated and hard to use at first, but with this guide you will grow familiar with it and learn to love it!...
Guide to the Classes
von Leon [PT]
Those who have played RO1 before would know about the different classes in RO2. Those who have never played RO1 or RO2 mind find all the different classes and their important on the field somewhat baffling. In consequence a specific class might be wrongly...
Aiming Weapons & Hitting Tanks:
von Praxius
For New Players. How to Aim Accurately with the Weapon's Iron Sights and where you should hit tanks for specific results...
How to distinguish friends from enemies in Rising Storm.
von Mauser
guide for newbies to avoid team killing....
Red Orchestra 2 Rank and Weapons Guide
von 唐生智
Welcome, after discovering a guide on classes and weapons for Rising Storm, I tired looking for just Red Orchestra 2 "Heros of Stalingrad". After searching, there are none. So, I will take the liberty to make one to help everyone. I will continue to r...
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