Parcourez et évaluez les guides réalisés par les joueurs pour ce jeu. Ou, créez le vôtre et partagez vos astuces avec la communauté.
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par StFw Stanel
All content deleted by 'popular demand'...have fun play your game while there are those of us that play ours.................. ...
How to be an Ro2 Ninja
par Twig
How to be a ninja 100 easy steps...
How to make it to the City on Bridges of Druzhina
par Twig
We all know the feeling, we join a game on bridges, and the German side is stacked, MGing the Russian team to death. This guide will show you how to beat the Gearman kill zones, flank them, and take the city. Depending on the feedback recived ill make a g...
How to Cook and use Grenades
par Twig
A short guide to correct some common errors with the German and Russian grenades....
How to pronunce "banzai"
par tik
A comprehensive guide....
Playing commander the safe way
par victorionusi
Lead your team to victory!(Sort of...) Earn you fellows respect and adoration!(Hopefully...) Almost never die!(Yea that's true) A way to play commander I totally came up with by myself(Honest!) Also: I'm not certain if the image is correct. Hey...
Elite's Survival Guide for Combat
par Elite
As I was in multiple "tactical" clans with regular training sessions, drills and operations, I think you may be able grab the one or other useful thing from here. The guide is divided in: - Basic Combat Guide - Environment and Uniform Colours - Teamwor...
Golden Rules for Newbie RO2/RS players
par Discreet
If you're new here, these are some rules you should follow....
Unlocking the frame rate
par Siegmund von Krain
If you have a display with a refresh rate of 120 hertz, of course if your computer can handle it, it is best that the game runs at 120 frames per seond. Red Orchestra 2 has the frame rate locked at 62 fps so you can't get what your 120 Hz monitor offer...
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