Veja e avalie guias criados por jogadores para o seu jogo. Ou crie o seu e compartilhe as suas dicas com a comunidade.
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por StFw Stanel
All content deleted by 'popular demand'...have fun play your game while there are those of us that play ours.................. ...
How to be an Ro2 Ninja
por Twig
How to be a ninja 100 easy steps...
How to Cook and use Grenades
por Twig
A short guide to correct some common errors with the German and Russian grenades....
Ross' quick & dirty class guides
A brief guide to the role of each class, from a long-time (8 years) RO player....
How to make it to the City on Bridges of Druzhina
por Twig
We all know the feeling, we join a game on bridges, and the German side is stacked, MGing the Russian team to death. This guide will show you how to beat the Gearman kill zones, flank them, and take the city. Depending on the feedback recived ill make a g...
Hapless' Guide to Capping Objectives
por Hapless
An attackers's tactical toolkit- how to take objectives, advance, seize the initiative and overrun the enemy...
Grenades, and Using them.
por Flyboy
Hi! This Is one of my first guides, and I develop it as a result of seeing people online tossing their grenades in often weird, and unuseful circumstances. In fact, many get more teamkills than the obviously more usefull actual kills. This guide is not ne...
Новый режим Search and Destroy-Найти и уничтожить. Немного о нём
por [3D] KUKUSIK
Руководство о новом режиме в игре Red Orchestra 2 ...
How to Rifleman
por Twig
This is a guide will give you some tips to help make you a better rifleman. I have played 800 hrs. on the game, and most of them as rifleman, so I thought I would help some of you noobs so my team doesn't suck as much...
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