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How to place Cover Nodes
by Danh {TP}
This is a guide for placing cover nodes properly....
How to place down your first Static Mesh
by Danh {TP}
A guide for placing down Static Mesh in the RO2 SDK....
A Guide to Betio: Defending A
by seienchin88
After beeing asked to do a Betio Guide I decedid to give a little insight on A, the point where the Axis can win the game the easiest by holding on till lockdown or just win enough time to get the clock down to zero later. Its also the only point in Beti...
Command and Leadership in RO2
by The Grim Reaper
This short guide covers the basic theory of establishing a chain of command while playing RO2. It covers the role of the commander, squad leaders, and the infantry....
Comment rendre Oncle Sam fier de toi.
by ᅠᅠᅠᅠ
Pour les VRAIS américains qui détestent lire, aiment les femmes, la bière et le base-ball....
A guide to defending E on Kwajalein
by seienchin88
It seems like almost no team can defend E on Kwajalein against the Allies. It is difficult to defend when you dont know where the spots to defend are, if you know it gets a whole lot easier...
by Rooster
Spread democracy to the Chinese communist scum! Only you can prevent forest fires....
How to make your first Destructible
by Danh {TP}
A guide for making destructibles...
Playing Countdown Effectively
by | B | von Fölkersam
This guide hopes to point out major mechanics in the Countdown game mode which are apparently lost on the majority of players. About the author: I was a member of Team Chaos in early RO2, which won a 4,000 dollar prize in the RO2 Scorched Earth Coun...
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