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How to: Squad Lead
by TwistinFool
If you're new to the game or a bit scared to try out squad leader because you're not sure of how to properly play it or worried that your teammates might yell at you etc. then I suggest you check out this video guide I made. I believe I cover all the impo...
How to reliably (somewhat) engage in Melee combat
by Jolly Jew
Sadly, the Melee feature in RO2 is wonky and unreliable to those who didn't extensivly train with it. so here's a little guide to help your nazi stabbing be less frustarting...
by Nvidia SPY
W키를 누루면 앞으로가기 S는뒤로 A는왼쪽 D는 오른쪽으로 갑니다.(다른FPS게임과 별차이없음) 그리고 CTRL키를 누르면 벽에가까이 있을시 엄폐를 하고 무기를 마우스에 갖다대고 눌르면 무기를 ...
Weapons of RO2
by Captain Bridgecable
An ACCURATE and REALISTIC view of weapons in RO2 game from an experienced player of both RO1 and RO2. This guide will include comparisons of weapons, and what weapons are outright more useful than others....
Winning Bridges of Druzhina as the Red Army
by [PKKA]Tovarish ToNy
Since I have seen lots of bad bridges for the Soviets due to some roles that are critical to the victory were being used by conscripts especially the tank and TL(Thats why I have to take TL if not SL due to my experience as SL where TL is acting useless) ...
How to spawn Fixed MG's
by Danh {TP}
This guide teaches you how to spawn fixed mg's....
How to Improve
by MeowsGG
This Guide will show you how you can improve in Ro2 and Rising Storms especially if you are new to the game....
How to AVT
by Rooster
Teach how AVT happen...
Beginner Weapons
by Rooster
Weapons beginners should use...
GUide to firefight
by Malus131
How to not be surprised/dissapointed/suck at firefight....
How to be an absolute R-tard at throwing grenades
by I Eat Pain
If you want to be absolutely useless read this guide...
by Cat Nejc
In this guide, I'll show you how to level things faster....
rising storm/red orchestra 2 multiplayer управление танком Panzer IV G
by ★Empti★
Red Orchestra 2 / Средний танк Panzer IV G
How to Win on Peleliu (Allies)
by [LUX] Garmo
This is for the territory gamemode! Since this map is a pain for the Allies unless you are lucky with a team that is all decent levels, this guide will end the failing. Just listen to the guide and you shall win most likely. Spread the word to other Al...
The basics to not being shot
by Dr.
A guide to call in the midst of a fire fight if youre new to the game and not really sure on what to do....
How to be have sweg in RO2
by SpinninMonkey
So you play a lot of Red Orchestra 2, and you want to be a MLG Player? Well you are in the right place so lets start. Getting started Well for your MLG Noscope you will need the german marksman class choose whatever rifle you want it will alw...
Things the other guides will not tell you (NEW PLAYERS READ THIS)
by ragevirus☣
Just a couple of tips some might not know. Even longtime players might not know some of this stuff (If you see even one of these tips in another guide, it is copy pasted from here.100%). If anyone reads through this guide and for any one of the tips thin...
Cheater's Guide To The Galaxy: Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm
by Anonymous Werewolf
This is a very simple and unorthodox guide to basic cheats in this game. [With a poor English author included! Wonderful!]...
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