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Squad Leader Quick Guide
by Orion The Hunter
A video guide describing the most important concepts of being a good Squad Leader...
No-nonsense tactics of team leaderership
by SmaSh it Up
This guide addresses the straightforward tactical issues encountered while performing the vital role of Team Leader in Territory mode. It seeks to enhance your team’s capabilities and maximise effectiveness. I am assuming the basics are already adequate...
Гайд по классам RO2
by Sylvari
Если вы новый игрок и хотите узнать больше об нюансах классов этот гайд специально для вас....
Ten Tips for Starting Players [Realistic Mode]
by hurley210
Here are ten basic tips on playing Red Orchestra 2 on Steam. If you have any questions, feel free to friend and ask me :D. 1. Play slow, this aint' Call of Duty 2. You will die if you don't stick to cover, there isn't health regen, or anything of th...
Mortars - and how to use it effectively
by Nordkindchen
This guide aims to teach the hardly known basics for the effective use of the mortar. Especially the basics for the effective usage of the indirect fire mode of the mortar (Now this can be called a secret until this very moment)...
HOW TO: Be a teamplaying rifleman without getting your hands dirty.
by A//Pacifist_Assassin
^^^^^^^^WARNING: GUIDE IS STILL IN BETA AND NEEDS REVISION, CONTENT UPDATE AND FONT-FIXING. I WILL TAKE CARE ABOUT IT LATER^^^^^^^^ IF there is something that annoys especially new players in the game, is playing as a rifleman and being bad at it while...
Being a successful Team Leader: A Guide for all players.
by LowFatMilk
This is a simple guide that demonstrates the Do's, Dont's and Mindset required to be an effective Team Leader in Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm. I will be writing it so that even new players can read this, pick it up and be a good TL straight away, because...
Mortars, Artillery, Naval Strike, Rockets and You:
by Praxius
The Differences and Benefits of Each Type of Strike Rocket Strike Video at the end was created by Fennistil in YouTube....
Guide for Effective Team Work
by Danh {TP}
This guide will teach you how to work together effectively as a team. This does not teach you how to use your class but instead show you how effective it can be when everyone does their job....
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