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by TeddyKillers™
This Quick guide will help new people to the game red orchestra 2 help on becoming a successful commander ...
How to Improve
by MeowsGG
This Guide will show you how you can improve in Ro2 and Rising Storms especially if you are new to the game....
Seienchins guide to booby traps
by 44.seienchin88
A little guide for booby traps. Recommended for players of all skill levels....
How to be a better Commander
by |-KG-|Reno|6TH|-KG-|
A basic to expert guide for those confused or not skilled with the commander role, even semi-expirenced players can learn a few things....
Beginner Weapons
by Troska
Weapons beginners should use...
The basics to not being shot
by Dr. Chaplain
A guide to call in the midst of a fire fight if youre new to the game and not really sure on what to do....
Ro2/Rising Storm Beginner Tips
by Cpl. Veld [29ID]
Wanna improve your playing in Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm? Follow these tips!...
by Mark Wahlberg
How to Win on Peleliu (Allies)
by [63e] Garmo
This is for the territory gamemode! Since this map is a pain for the Allies unless you are lucky with a team that is all decent levels, this guide will end the failing. Just listen to the guide and you shall win most likely. Spread the word to other Al...
Новый режим Search and Destroy-Найти и уничтожить. Немного о нём
Руководство о новом режиме в игре Red Orchestra 2 ...
Search and Destroy
by [63e] Garmo
I know most of us know how to play this game mode but I decided to make this guide when I met a guy who did not. To those who don't know how to play, I hope this guide will be helpful!...
How to Win on Maggot Hill (Allies)
by [63e] Garmo
This guide will hopefully explain the best and easiest way how to win on Maggot Hill. please rate it a thumbs up if it helps!...
How to Win on Rising Storm [Alllies]
by [63e] Garmo
This guide will teach Allied players on Rising Storm how to sucessfully win with speed and with the lowest loss of tickets. I hope it is very easy to understand. Please rate a thumbs up to give me feedback! Thanks!...
Tips and moves for both beginner and advanced
by Jolly Jew
Tips and tacitcs to sharpen your skill or get the newbie off the dying cycle. advice that is very often ommited by most other guides...
Guide Rising Storm français.
by leo03
Présentation du principe du jeu, des classes, ainsi que divers conseils concernant les cartes....
Satchels, Grenades, and Soldiers
by The Asian Driver
This is a guide for Axis and Allied players tips to save you or/and your teammates. If you follow these tips and tricks, you may just live a little longer. If lucky, a bit of praise....
Territory for Dummes
by MeFirst
The first edition of the guide was written in german. Since some people asked for a english version, here it is. Please be gentle, english is not my native language. :) Territory is the main gamemode in Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm. A lot of pl...
Territory für Dummies.
by MeFirst
Territory ist der Hauptspielmodus in Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm. Viele Spieler scheinen kleinere und größere Probleme zu haben diesen Spielmodus effektiv zu spielen. Deshalb dachte ich mir, ich schreibe mal einen kleinen Guide über Territory der ho...
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