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How to be a HONORABLE Japanese rifleman
by AMX
In this guide I will tell you how to be an infantry standard in the Japanese Imperial Army, and when there are no classes left apart from this one. This guide will teach you how to honour your family and the Emperor while sitting on your arse playing a vi...
Flamethrowers and you: A burn guide
by Scholar
A Guide on how to effectively use the Flamethrower, and how to switch from accidentally starting an American BBQ restaurant, and opening a Japanese one in it's place....
ragevirus' HOS weapons guide
by ragevirus☣
What I choose and why/what I would recommend to level up and why not the others....
How to save Private Ryan - A basic Rising Storm guide
by Rogue Freeman?
This is a (mainly) Rising Storm guide on infantry combat! In this guide i will be going through some weapons and basic combat traning to get you started in this game....
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Otorishima Defense
by |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
This is another in depth defense guide, this time about Otorishima. This is probably one of the most comprehensive guides I will ever write. Just like my other defense guides, I will cover squad leader spawn positions, good spots to hold, and some other ...
"temporary fix" for getting all singleplayer achievements in RisingStormRedOrchestra2 Multiplayer
by demian
This mini-guide will show you how to fix all broken singleplayer achievements in RisingStormRedOrchestra2 Multiplayer...
How to effectivly kill the enemy
by Buddha Fett
This guide will teach you to become effectively killing the enemy...
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Phosphate Plant Defense
by |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
This will be an in depth guide on defending the map Phosphate Plant. I will cover good spots, the basic plan of action, and squad leader positions. Read closely and you'll be on your way to putting up a good D-fence!...
Általános tippek és taktikák (RO2) [HUN]
by NyetEdemsz
Ez az útmutató arra szolgál, hogy bemutassa milyen játék is valójában a Red Orchestra 2:Heroes of Stalingrad. Teljesen más taktikát és morált igényel ahhoz, hogy élvezni lehessen. Akik a pörgősebb, kevés türelmet igénylő játékokat pre...
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