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How to be a commander that your entire team loves (Or at least won't roll kick you out)
by Gallows Humor.
Here is your guide to being a good commander, in all things related to being a commander in general. For the tl;dr version, your job is to stick close to the radio and use your special powers as often as possible, as efficiently as possible. ...
Aiming Weapons & Hitting Tanks:
by Praxius
For New Players. How to Aim Accurately with the Weapon's Iron Sights and where you should hit tanks for specific results...
How to Make the SP Campaign Not Suck so Much:
by Praxius
For those having difficulties in the SP Campaign because their bots don't do what they're ordered to do, or otherwise make things harder than they should be....
Ten Tips for Starting Players [Realistic Mode]
by hurley210
Here are ten basic tips on playing Red Orchestra 2 on Steam. If you have any questions, feel free to friend and ask me :D. 1. Play slow, this aint' Call of Duty 2. You will die if you don't stick to cover, there isn't health regen, or anything of th...
RO2 Single Player Hardest Mode Tips
by Captain America
This guide is intended to help fellow morons trek through the awful single player experience of Red Orchestra 2....
Things the other guides will not tell you (NEW PLAYERS READ THIS)
by ragevirus☣
Just a couple of tips some might not know. Even longtime players might not know some of this stuff (If you see even one of these tips in another guide, it is copy pasted from here.100%). If anyone reads through this guide and for any one of the tips thin...
Shooting Guide for Dummies
by Miggo
This guide includes basics of shooting. Guide is for bad shooters and new players....
Playing Countdown Effectively
by bullshit
This guide hopes to point out major mechanics in the Countdown game mode which are apparently lost on the majority of players. About the author: I was a member of Team Chaos in early RO2, which won a 4,000 dollar prize in the RO2 Scorched Earth Coun...
General Tips For Marksman and Other Classes
by dernsquirrels
Important tips for Marksman in Ro2, and knowledge gained from a week of playing....
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