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How to Win on Rising Storm [Alllies]
by [63e] Garmo
This guide will teach Allied players on Rising Storm how to sucessfully win with speed and with the lowest loss of tickets. I hope it is very easy to understand. Please rate a thumbs up to give me feedback! Thanks!...
How to make it to the City on Bridges of Druzhina
by Odin
We all know the feeling, we join a game on bridges, and the German side is stacked, MGing the Russian team to death. This guide will show you how to beat the Gearman kill zones, flank them, and take the city. Depending on the feedback recived ill make a g...
How to be a HONORABLE Japanese rifleman
by Name'sAMX
In this guide I will tell you how to be an infantry standard in the Japanese Imperial Army, and when there are no classes left apart from this one. This guide will teach you how to honour your family and the Emperor while sitting on your arse playing a vi...
How to knife
by Troska
Knife like true Call of Duty MLG pro sniper 1337 haxor...
Seienchins Guide on defending Iwojima A+B
by 44.seienchin88
Ultimate Guide to defend the first two points at Iwojima. Beginner to Veteran Level....
Guia de Iniciantes RO2/RS (Modo tanque)
by k.U.r.T.?
Guia para iniciantes RO2/RS para jogar com tanques....
by [CN]Old_Driver_CGC
本人游戏时间400+h 翻译工作说简单也不简单说难也不难 在翻译之余我还会不断更新成就的解锁方法 Translate and give you ways....
Grenades, and Using them.
by Flyboy
Hi! This Is one of my first guides, and I develop it as a result of seeing people online tossing their grenades in often weird, and unuseful circumstances. In fact, many get more teamkills than the obviously more usefull actual kills. This guide is not ne...
How to reliably engage in Melee combat
by Jolly Jew
Sadly, the Melee feature in RO2 is wonky and unreliable to those who didn't extensivly train with it. so here's a little guide to help your nazi stabbing be less frustarting...
Territory for Dummes
by MeFirst
The first edition of the guide was written in german. Since some people asked for a english version, here it is. Please be gentle, english is not my native language. :) Territory is the main gamemode in Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm. A lot of pl...
RO2 Single Player Hardest Mode Tips
by Captain America
This guide is intended to help fellow morons trek through the awful single player experience of Red Orchestra 2....
How to not piss off your own team: Squad Leader
by CaptainDogTags
This guide is to help any new players who are interested in playing as a "good" SL in Red Orchestra 2. I will only be going over the basics, because no matter what there will be times when you need to develop your own techniques to win a round....
The Three 'F's of Infantry Combat
by Pipsqueak
Learn the three 'F's of Infantry combat, and how to apply them in Red ORchestra 2 / Rising Storm. This guide is primarily designed for Squad Leaders, but can be adapted to a smaller scale for use by Fireteams....
Tutorial en video del Rising Storm
by Espinete
Una serie de tutoriales subidos al youtube para enseñar a los nuevos jugadores Estoy haciendo diferentes videos para enseñar a jugar al Rising Storm. Estos tutoriales son muy básicos para ayudar a nuevos jugadores. A partir del video número 4 empieza...
Fire for Effect!
by spark | Thrak
This guide will show how to use artillery effectively as a commander as well as your OTHER dutys Mortars Artillery Rockets /Naval Barrage Smoke Recon...
New to Map Making
by Danh
Introduction guide for new map makers...
How to Win on Maggot Hill (Allies)
by [63e] Garmo
This guide will hopefully explain the best and easiest way how to win on Maggot Hill. please rate it a thumbs up if it helps!...
A guide to defending E on Kwajalein
by 44.seienchin88
It seems like almost no team can defend E on Kwajalein against the Allies. It is difficult to defend when you dont know where the spots to defend are, if you know it gets a whole lot easier...
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