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Regarding Teamkilling
by RavenJuice
This guide will investigate the subject of teamkilling in RO2 and Rising Storm. It will touch on what is teamkilling, why it happens and steps to take to reduce risk of teamkilling and what to do if you are teamkilled or have killed a fellow member of you...
An Idiot's Guide To the Knee Mortar: By Killed Alive
by Killed Alive!
This is a guide to help new players of Rising Storm with the knee mortar, includes basic walkthroughs of its use and tactics....
How to pronunce "banzai"
by tik
A comprehensive guide....
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Knee Mortars
by |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
In this section of my field guides, we will be looking at the knee mortar. If used correctly, it can be devastating to the enemy team. But above all, it's just about the fun of watching groups of americans get blown to pieces!...
being more gud
by mosquitoman
Experienced earned through wasting my life....
Новый режим Search and Destroy-Найти и уничтожить. Немного о нём
Руководство о новом режиме в игре Red Orchestra 2 ...
How to put boobytraps as Jap
by Oddball
Easy quicky guide: To put a boobytrap with the Type 97 grenade, crouch, look down under you and right click while having the grenade in the hand. You should see an animation, if you are not, the ground is either too hard, or its just not working right...
coolnames' Tips & Tricks w/ VIDEO!!
by coolnames
Here is my video listing my top 9 tips and tricks to get the most out of your Red Orchestra 2 matches....
A little trick on using the M1917 Browning
by BattlePizza
This guide teaches you a little trick that you might find useful when using the M1917 Browning machine gun....
Banzai Charge: An In-depth Look [Video Guide]
by WilliamTheTard
An advanced and in-depth look at the Banzai charge. Its in-game effects on your own character (damage resistance and speed), but also on that of nearby enemy characters (suppression). It shows you the best ways to banzai as well as when to take other mea...
How to be a Hero Of Stalingrad
by Danh
Compendium of Gameplay Guides...
Hapless' Guide to Capping Objectives
by Hapless
An attackers's tactical toolkit- how to take objectives, advance, seize the initiative and overrun the enemy...
Shooting Guide for Dummies
by Miggo
This guide includes basics of shooting. Guide is for bad shooters and new players....
Rising Storm Beginners Guide!
by MeFirst
You may know my beginners guide for Heroes Of Stalingrad. Since Rising Storm has some new features, I think new players could also use some help for Rising Storm...
Unlocking the frame rate
by Siegmund von Krain
If your display has a refresh rate of 120 hertz , it is best that the game runs at about 120 frames per second . Red Orchestra 2 has the frame rate locked at 62 fps, so you can't get what your 120Hz monitor offers you. This guide will he...
How to Effectively Play as a Rifleman
by Odin
Guide to tell noobs how to not be so nooby. (there are alot of spelling mistakes)...
How to use Grenades
by Odin
A short guide to correct some common errors with the German and Russian grenades....
Recon planes recognition guide
by +IC+Paul-Litrook
This guide was made for easier recognition friendly or foe planes in Rising Storm (yes, now you can shot them down and earn +10 points). Often you can recognize friendly plane by map opening, but what do you do, when in air over battlefield flying two pl...
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