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Rising Storm - Japanese Scope Guide
by Flowermouth
The Japanese scope may look complicated and hard to use at first, but with this guide you will grow familiar with it and learn to love it!...
RO2 Beginners Guide! (Updated)
by MeFirst
This guide is written with focus on players new to Red Orchestra 2. If you are already a veteran (or you consider yourself one) you probably will not find a lot of new information here. Since the last free weekend and the indie humble bundle, this guid...
How to distinguish friends from enemies in Rising Storm.
by Mauser
guide for newbies to avoid team killing....
Tips on how to play RO2 without your team wanting to kill you in your sleep
by [BC] Testaclese Baggus
This is going to be a list of things to remember while playing this. Feel free to suggest other ideas...
Glory the easy way!!!
by Dr.
This guide shows you the path to victory comrades! Take these words to heart, And bring down fascist enemy!...
Gameplay tips for Japanese soldiers
by Marquis de l'Hamy
This is a brief collection of tips and strategies ment to help players unfamilar to the unique playstyle of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA)...
How to Remove RO2 Boot Up Videos/Watermarks. So entfernen Sie RO2 Hochfahren Videos/Wasserzeichen
by M1Thompson
Here are the steps in text, or if you like i made a video :D This removes the start up logos like unreal 3, tripwire, ect from popping up, sending you right to the main menu. German translate is also on here so ignore it if you don't need it. Hier si...
Заметки для начинающих
by YouMan'Менталист
Приветствую Солдат! Всем известно, что Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stallingrad требует довольно специфичного опыта, которогo нет в других шутерах подобн...
Skills and tricks that everybody who plays RO2/RS should master
by BattlePizza
This guide will present you with some tiny details that are useful found by me during 500+ hours of gaming in RO2/RS :P So, the reason that I did not use the word BEGINNERS, is that I hate the word myself. You don't use the stuffs you hate to the othe...
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