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Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Knee Mortars
by Lt. piggifishi
In this section of my field guides, we will be looking at the knee mortar. If used correctly, it can be devastating to the enemy team. But above all, it's just about the fun of watching groups of americans get blown to pieces!...
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Serving your emperor in Rising Storm (updated)
by Lt. piggifishi
An instructional guide to playing japense in Rising Storm. In this edition of my Field Guide Series we cover the basics of sweeping the Pacific as a japenese recruit. If you wanna be the next famous samurai fighting for your emperor, then this is the guid...
GFX & Game Settings - Red Orchestra 2
by coolnames
In this video I break down what and why I have the settings for gameplay and video for Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm....
Hapless' Guide to Capping Objectives
by Hapless
An attackers's tactical toolkit- how to take objectives, advance, seize the initiative and overrun the enemy...
Unlocking the frame rate
by Siegmund von Krain
If your display has a refresh rate of 120 hertz, it is best that the game runs at about 120 frames per second. Red Orchestra 2 has the frame rate locked at 62 fps, so you can't get what your 120Hz monitor offers you. This guide will help you unlock the...
How to make it to the City on Bridges of Druzhina
by Twig
We all know the feeling, we join a game on bridges, and the German side is stacked, MGing the Russian team to death. This guide will show you how to beat the Gearman kill zones, flank them, and take the city. Depending on the feedback recived ill make a g...
Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad full gameplay guide
by commander
Gamers, let me present you the key features that you need to count the kills instead of deaths. 1. The assault class assault class is armed with MP40 or PPSH41, that has no other duties but to get close to the enemy and kill them. they are the mo...
Guia de Iniciantes RO2/RS (Modo tanque)
by k.U.r.T.?
Guia para iniciantes RO2/RS para jogar com tanques....
How to place down Trenches like a boss
by Danh {TP}
This guide will show you how to place down trenches with perfect alignment....
How to make your first Red Orchestra 2 Map
by Danh {TP}
This guide will teach you how to make your own map....
A view from an I play RO2
by Starshina Patapov
The game RO2 has some serious potential, as well as some serious failings. I am a level 99 at almost all roles, and got there by playing the role and thinking it through. The game itself is a representation of Infantry Combat in around and near Stalingra...
How to Improve
by MeowsGG
This Guide will show you how you can improve in Ro2 and Rising Storms especially if you are new to the game....
Aiming Weapons & Hitting Tanks:
by Praxius
For New Players. How to Aim Accurately with the Weapon's Iron Sights and where you should hit tanks for specific results...
coolnames' Tips & Tricks w/ VIDEO!!
by coolnames
Here is my video listing my top 9 tips and tricks to get the most out of your Red Orchestra 2 matches....
How to Destroy Enemy Armor
by Eliminator2033
Hello. I was inspired to make this my the sheer amount of people that take the engineer role but dont use it to its full advantages. Most of them do not use their AT grenades or satchels, which can change the course of the battle if used against Armor. ...
Ro2/Rising Storm Beginner Tips
by PFC Veld [29ID]
Wanna improve your playing in Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm? Follow these tips!...
How to Remove RO2 Boot Up Videos/Watermarks. So entfernen Sie RO2 Hochfahren Videos/Wasserzeichen
by M1Thompson
Here are the steps in text, or if you like i made a video :D This removes the start up logos like unreal 3, tripwire, ect from popping up, sending you right to the main menu. German translate is also on here so ignore it if you don't need it. Hier si...
How to Rifleman
by Twig
This is a guide will give you some tips to help make you a better rifleman. I have played 800 hrs. on the game, and most of them as rifleman, so I thought I would help some of you noobs so my team doesn't suck as much...
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