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Tank Crew & You
by Joe
Maximize your tank effectiveness using AI!...
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Otorishima Defense
by |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
This is another in depth defense guide, this time about Otorishima. This is probably one of the most comprehensive guides I will ever write. Just like my other defense guides, I will cover squad leader spawn positions, good spots to hold, and some other ...
A view from an I play RO2
by Cpt. Patapov [NKVD]
The game RO2 has some serious potential, as well as some serious failings. I am a level 99 at almost all roles, and got there by playing the role and thinking it through. The game itself is a representation of Infantry Combat in around and near Stalingra...
A guide to defending E on Kwajalein
by 44.seienchin88
It seems like almost no team can defend E on Kwajalein against the Allies. It is difficult to defend when you dont know where the spots to defend are, if you know it gets a whole lot easier...
A Guide to Betio: Defending A
by 44.seienchin88
After beeing asked to do a Betio Guide I decedid to give a little insight on A, the point where the Axis can win the game the easiest by holding on till lockdown or just win enough time to get the clock down to zero later. Its also the only point in Beti...
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Phosphate Plant Defense
by |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
This will be an in depth guide on defending the map Phosphate Plant. I will cover good spots, the basic plan of action, and squad leader positions. Read closely and you'll be on your way to putting up a good D-fence!...
Elite's Survival Guide for Combat
by Elite [VCB]
As I was in multiple "tactical" clans with regular training sessions, drills and operations, I think you may be able grab the one or other useful thing from here. The guide is divided in: - Basic Combat Guide - Environment and Uniform Colours - Teamwor...
How to effectivly kill the enemy
by Buddha Fett
This guide will teach you to become effectively killing the enemy...
Seienchins Guide on defending Iwojima A+B
by 44.seienchin88
Ultimate Guide to defend the first two points at Iwojima. Beginner to Veteran Level....
Red Orchestra 2- The Complete Guide to AntiTank Rifles PTRS-41 and PZB 784(R)
by General Sir Anthony C H Melchett
The Peachy Infantry Guide to HoS/RS
by Peaches
A simplistic guide to help individual players come together as a team....
Ross' quick & dirty class guides
by ross
A brief guide to the role of each class, from a long-time (8 years) RO player....
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Knee Mortars
by |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
In this section of my field guides, we will be looking at the knee mortar. If used correctly, it can be devastating to the enemy team. But above all, it's just about the fun of watching groups of americans get blown to pieces!...
Lt. Piggifishi's Field Guide: Serving your emperor in Rising Storm (updated)
by |JATC| Lt. Piggifishi
An instructional guide to playing japense in Rising Storm. In this edition of my Field Guide Series we cover the basics of sweeping the Pacific as a japenese recruit. If you wanna be the next famous samurai fighting for your emperor, then this is the guid...
Multiplayer pre začiatočníkov - Slovak language
by P-eLko
Všade naokolo si všímam že „bažanti“ majú vo svojich začiatkoch problém pochopiť túto skvostnú hru, a mnohých to odradí natoľko že sa k hre už viac nevrátia a tým prichádzajú o vynikajúci virtuálny zážitok....
Red Orchestra 2 Rank and Weapons Guide
by 愽林
Welcome, after discovering a guide on classes and weapons for Rising Storm, I tired looking for just Red Orchestra 2 "Heros of Stalingrad". After searching, there are none. So, I will take the liberty to make one to help everyone. I will continue to r...
Dead Bodies Stay
by Khan Solo
Simple .ini tweak to make dead bodies last longer....
by Spy's Sipsu
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