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Winning Bridges of Druzhina as the Red Army
by [PKKA]Tovarish ToNy
Since I have seen lots of bad bridges for the Soviets due to some roles that are critical to the victory were being used by conscripts especially the tank and TL(Thats why I have to take TL if not SL due to my experience as SL where TL is acting useless) ...
How 2 b gud a commander
by Inventor of the Rock
Do you hate it to that every time you call a artillery you get kicked from a server or gettin a infinte rage from your team meates saying that you suck? than this is the ultimate guide FUR U!...
How to be an absolute R-tard at throwing grenades
by I Eat Pain
If you want to be absolutely useless read this guide...
How to take off your panties in a war zone
by LordWumpis
When your moral bar drops lower than low so does your shit so you should remeber to bring an extra pair just incase!...
How To Be a Stupid German Rifleman
by Hank Hill
This guide will turn you from a autistic 12 year old Call of Duty Player into a Stupid German Master Rifleman....
New to Map Making
by Danh {TP}
Introduction guide for new map makers...
The Peachy Infantry Guide to HoS/RS
by Gigan
A simplistic guide to help individual players come together as a team....
How to Destroy Enemy Armor
by Eliminator2033
Hello. I was inspired to make this my the sheer amount of people that take the engineer role but dont use it to its full advantages. Most of them do not use their AT grenades or satchels, which can change the course of the battle if used against Armor. ...
Tips and moves for both beginner and advanced
by Jolly Jew
Tips and tacitcs to sharpen your skill or get the newbie off the dying cycle. advice that is very often ommited by most other guides...
How to place down Trenches like a boss
by Danh {TP}
This guide will show you how to place down trenches with perfect alignment....
Guide for Effective Team Work
by Danh {TP}
This guide will teach you how to work together effectively as a team. This does not teach you how to use your class but instead show you how effective it can be when everyone does their job....
Mortars, Artillery, Naval Strike, Rockets and You:
by Praxius
The Differences and Benefits of Each Type of Strike Rocket Strike Video at the end was created by Fennistil in YouTube....
Know Your Role- Germans
by Jarhead
This guide will give you tips on how to use your role effectively and how it should be used in your service for the German Wermacht....
General Tips For Marksman and Other Classes
by dernsquirrels
Important tips for Marksman in Ro2, and knowledge gained from a week of playing....
Being a successful Team Leader: A Guide for all players.
by LowFatMilk
This is a simple guide that demonstrates the Do's, Dont's and Mindset required to be an effective Team Leader in Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm. I will be writing it so that even new players can read this, pick it up and be a good TL straight away, because...
Ross' quick & dirty class guides
A brief guide to the role of each class, from a long-time (8 years) RO player....
How the banzai works
by CrazierSnow
Since there is no clear coverage of how the japanese banzai mechanic works or how to use it, I feel the need to explain it here for ALL players....
Rising Storm Beginners Guide!
by MeFirst
You may know my beginners guide for Heroes Of Stalingrad. Since Rising Storm has some new features, I think new players could also use some help for Rising Storm...
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