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Red Orchestra 2- The Complete Guide To Killing Light Tanks and Transports
by General Sir Anthony C H Melchett
Get back the old main menu
by Courier [GER]
Get the old main menu back ...
레드 오케스트라 2 를 처음 플레이 하시는 분들을 위한 설명서
by Sister Milky Yukana
레드 오케스트라 2를 처음 접하시는 분들을 위한 기본 게임 플레이 설명서입니다. 서버 접속, 진영 및 병과 선택 등 레드 오케스트라 2를 즐기기 위해 필요한 정보를 담았습니다....
Master Guns' Guide to Infantry Combat
by 1LT. Mitchell Benter
A down to earth guide on everything to make new comers better, and some insight on weaponry and their effective uses....
Tank Crew & You
by Joe
Maximize your tank effectiveness using AI!...
Knee Mortar!
by spark | Thrak
This guide will show you how to use the Knee mortar more effectively...
ragevirus' HOS marksman guide
by ragevirus☣
Marksman basics...
Fire for Effect!
by spark | Thrak
This guide will show how to use artillery effectively as a commander as well as your OTHER dutys Mortars Artillery Rockets /Naval Barrage Smoke Recon...
How to kill tanks with an AT rifle, a manual.
by LugNut
How to be successful using the AT rifle against tanks. Tips for strategy as well as all known softspots shown for the PIV, PIII, T-34 and T-70. If this guide is of help to you, please rate and favorite it, this will make it easier for other player...
Red Orchestra 2- The Complete Guide to AntiTank Rifles PTRS-41 and PZB 784(R)
by General Sir Anthony C H Melchett
How to Play: Marksman
by Mighty Pleb
This is a guide detailing the sniper class. This is only for Red Orchestra 2 not Rising Storm. God knows how to use the Japanese scope....
How to Play: Squad Leader
by Mighty Pleb
A guide detailing how to play Squad Leader. Note this is only for Red Orchestra 2 and not Rising Storm....
How to be an 'murican rifleman!
by AMX
Many people love the country America (and some really critizise it). Whatever it is, they were VERY important to history due to how heroic they are. Mainly, they turned Japan from an facist empire to an extremely technological country and saved Europe for...
by Rainbow Stalin
How to be a crazed Russian squad leader
by AMX
In this guide we'll show you how to be a crazed Russian squad leader! (since you can't be crazed in real life and be part of the Russian army since they'd probably don't like foreign fighters)....
How to be a HONORABLE Japanese rifleman
by AMX
In this guide I will tell you how to be an infantry standard in the Japanese Imperial Army, and when there are no classes left apart from this one. This guide will teach you how to honour your family and the Emperor while sitting on your arse playing a vi...
What is (ODC)Dragon88 working on now?
by Ober*Dragon88
See what (ODC)Dragon88 is up to now. Following the Dragon!!! I build in 3DS Max 2010 & texture in Gimp 2.8, I am not a professional but a self taught hobbiest. I have sold several of my models online and have donated even more to different g...
Flamethrowers and you: A burn guide
by Scholar
A Guide on how to effectively use the Flamethrower, and how to switch from accidentally starting an American BBQ restaurant, and opening a Japanese one in it's place....
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