Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Nik The Greek 4 ott 2013, ore 2:46
Does anybody knows when its gonna be released??
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Yggdrasil 4 ott 2013, ore 3:57 
Nope. Their website is temporarily down, but it says they are still moving ahead. The info on Moddb.com was last updated in February. I know that doesn't mean anything since they are a very small group. Still, I hope we get an update soon. I've been enjoying RS, but I'm even more interested in In-Country.
Kraft 4 ott 2013, ore 4:03 
http://i.imgur.com/lZ1KB0t.jpg a little teaser, their site will go online in the next few days with new media.
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Nik The Greek 4 ott 2013, ore 7:59 
thank you mates
if you want add me to play rs or ro2
badboygoy 4 ott 2013, ore 16:37 
Ye, this mod is still alive as you can see, and they are still making progress(though quietly for reasons being that they do this for free).

I myself can't wait to use a gernade launcher against some yellow-skin jungle commies.
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Nik The Greek 4 ott 2013, ore 17:25 
i know that feeling bro
Gator 6 ott 2013, ore 11:38 
Look s cool
Moskeeto 6 ott 2013, ore 11:56 
New screenshots and stuff to see under "features": http://incountrymod.com/
Anderson 6 ott 2013, ore 13:01 
It's a good mod.
I want the SVD and that Ak-47.

Should be good since it's the guys who made Mare Nostrum for Red Orchestra 1.
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Yggdrasil 6 ott 2013, ore 23:05 
I just want to surf the point.
R5CYA 7 ott 2013, ore 9:31 
Messaggio originale di rolfskalder:
I just want to surf the point.
we might as well. charlie don't surf.
Ωεκωνομως 7 ott 2013, ore 11:33 
You either fight or surf!
Nik The Greek 7 ott 2013, ore 12:05 
i do both :P
-=BangBros=-Oettinger 7 ott 2013, ore 12:22 
i love the smell of yellow flesh in the morning...
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