Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Can't see any servers at the mo? Anyone?...[SEE FIX BELOW]
Can't see any servers at the mo? Anyone?

[FIX] See this fix from Panzer Fuhrer Dolan (worked for me)..

It wasnt working for me last night around when the post was made but I checked the games integrity and it downloaded 4 files and then the game server list worked for me.

最后由 Tony Wainoni 🐝 编辑于; 2013年10月4日下午5:30
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Ass Ketchup 2013年10月2日下午10:34 
yeah same wtf
Moskeeto 2013年10月2日下午10:35 
Are you guys prehaps opted into the Steam beta? Try opting out and see if that changes anything.
Waltz 2013年10月2日下午10:43 
Ive been having this issue for a while and did all the recommendations and still no luck. I check for the beta and im opted out infact it doesnt even have an option besides opt out
Tony Wainoni 🐝 2013年10月2日下午11:00 
I've only noticed it for the first time today.
Waltz 2013年10月2日下午11:20 
i want to play so bad >:[
vred 2013年10月2日下午11:23 
i was playing 30 minutes ago, opened the game again and cant find any server
[ROK]The A team 2013年10月2日下午11:24 
what the heck it wasnt only me?
vred 2013年10月2日下午11:38 
what the hell, can't find any server... -_-
Moskeeto 2013年10月2日下午11:41 
Try waiting at the server browser for a bit and see if they show up. I had this happening earlier to me and I had to wait a few seconds before servers showed up. Then, I changed my Steam download region and that seemed to fix it.
AgentX_[IBT] 2013年10月3日上午12:34 
Ditto. No servers.

Did they patch something and break the game?
Moskeeto 2013年10月3日上午12:35 
Nope, no patch. I can see servers just fine. Try changing your Steam download region like I suggested.
skin 2013年10月3日上午12:38 
Same here
BeasTi 2013年10月3日上午12:42 
Same here,and my download region is good,so unhappy right now
Cloud Nine 2013年10月3日上午12:53 
just download re2 multiplayer cant find any servers, its not the beta
daouich 2013年10月3日上午1:44 
same thing
no server in list since I tried few hours ago..
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