[0 Coy] 76 2013年10月1日 23時50分
Original RO2 theme music is back
Just loaded up RO2/RS and I have the great RO2 theme music at the main menu.

This is good, now we just need the original or RO2/RS combined main menu backdrop.

Its the small things ya know :)
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Moskeeto 2013年10月1日 23時51分 
Yeah, it randomly chooses between the old RO2 music and the RS music now. :)
[0 Coy] 76 2013年10月1日 23時56分 
Oh is that all :(... nar its all good I just hadn't noticed till today, I like it so much more :)
Pte Maylam 2013年10月2日 0時33分 
I was thinking, is it possible to have the theme that is relevant to the last match you played? If you played Univermag: the HoS theme and background. Saipan: the RS theme and background.
最近の変更はPte Maylamが行いました; 2013年10月2日 0時34分
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