thatguy 2013年10月1日 19時06分
Trading RO:2
Hello I would like to get a copy of RO:2 and since there was a bing sale a while back I thought people maybe bought some spares to trade...
I can trade Europa Universalis III Complete (worth $15), Vicky 2 (worth $20) and some other games (HOI3, Rise of nations).
Please tell me if you're interested, I would really like to trade!
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Heimskr 2013年10月1日 19時07分 
I don't want it, but I just wanted to say EU3/ Vic2 and HoI3 are great Paradox games. They are grand strategy games, really fun. I have them all.
thatguy 2013年10月2日 11時30分 
Paradox makes some great games but I already own some older ones so I would like to trade
thatguy 2013年10月2日 18時27分 
I found someone to trade with, no more people needed :D
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