Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Veed the Wit 2013年9月27日上午4:45
Framerate issues
my game run as smoothly as possible, but then out of nowhere says: 'rogame exe has stopped working'.
I know it is a common issue, and i've aready addressed it by deleting RO2 in myGames making the game run eprfectly, but then sometimes it does that.
Do you gauys have a solution for this too?
Thanks a bunch!
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<(o.O)>Fezarella^ 2013年9月27日上午4:56 
have you tried "umbra culling" no quotes in the console? Or have alook through the FAQ at the top of the forum :)

And i think RS is more demanding than RO2 in terms of graphics / fps
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Veed the Wit 2013年9月27日上午4:59 
I have a quite good card (ge force 740M) so i should be fine: what puzzles me is that I've played one hour an a half with a perfect framerate and then BOOM rogame.exe stopped working.
Thanks, I will try to look through the FAQ!
<(o.O)>Fezarella^ 2013年9月27日上午5:48 
rogame.exe stopped working = Delete ROGame folder in C:\Users\Fezarella\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2 is the only thing that fixed that for me but you will have to redo the settings ingame
Veed the Wit 2013年9月27日上午8:02 
oh then I should probably redo my settings. Still not working although I've deleted the Mygames folder again.
Kraft 2013年9月27日上午9:12 
Veed the Wit 2013年9月27日上午10:20 
4GB... should be fine no?
Kraft 2013年9月27日上午10:38 
4GB... should be fine no?
Should be enough if you don't have any heavy tasks in the background.
Time Of Dying 2013年9月27日上午10:41 
The game has a very poor optimization. VERY!
Zastavan 2013年9月27日上午11:11 
-Restart PC and/or close everything thats running
-Update Graphics Drivers
-Post Hardware
-Verify Cache

If all else fails reinstalling might help...maybe.
Zastavan 2013年9月27日上午11:12 
Might be a hardware problem. Check your CPU/GPU temps while your at it.
引用自 Mad Max
The game has a very poor optimization. VERY!

So damn true!
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