Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Framerate issues
my game run as smoothly as possible, but then out of nowhere says: 'rogame exe has stopped working'.
I know it is a common issue, and i've aready addressed it by deleting RO2 in myGames making the game run eprfectly, but then sometimes it does that.
Do you gauys have a solution for this too?
Thanks a bunch!
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have you tried "umbra culling" no quotes in the console? Or have alook through the FAQ at the top of the forum :)

And i think RS is more demanding than RO2 in terms of graphics / fps
最近の変更は<(o.O)>Fezarella^が行いました; 2013年9月27日 4時56分
I have a quite good card (ge force 740M) so i should be fine: what puzzles me is that I've played one hour an a half with a perfect framerate and then BOOM rogame.exe stopped working.
Thanks, I will try to look through the FAQ!
rogame.exe stopped working = Delete ROGame folder in C:\Users\Fezarella\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2 is the only thing that fixed that for me but you will have to redo the settings ingame
oh then I should probably redo my settings. Still not working although I've deleted the Mygames folder again.
Kraft 2013年9月27日 9時12分 
4GB... should be fine no?
Kraft 2013年9月27日 10時38分 
Sir Veed Blackwood of Raventree の投稿を引用:
4GB... should be fine no?
Should be enough if you don't have any heavy tasks in the background.
The game has a very poor optimization. VERY!
-Restart PC and/or close everything thats running
-Update Graphics Drivers
-Post Hardware
-Verify Cache

If all else fails reinstalling might help...maybe.
Might be a hardware problem. Check your CPU/GPU temps while your at it.
Mad Max の投稿を引用:
The game has a very poor optimization. VERY!

So damn true!
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