sAcred 2013年9月22日 1時47分
Rising Storm issue need help
Hello guys,

thats my problem:

After the screen with the little soldier running, i can't choose my team and i just can watch the map like a spectator... i can't play .-. anyone can help me ? please

I tried to fix reading this FAQ but none works ( all fixes did not worked )

I also tried to change values


but no sucess, my problem still running

I reinstalled the game like 7 times and no sucess too... please help me, i don't know what else I can do !
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Алексей Архипов 2013年9月22日 2時37分 
I may be sound stupid but have you try to pres "," in game.
Moskeeto 2013年9月22日 2時40分 
Алексей Архипов. の投稿を引用:
I may be sound stupid but have you try to pres "," in game.
Team selection should pop up by itself automatically though.
KingKraft69 2013年9月22日 3時07分 
Are the guys walking into walls?

Have you removed your router/Windows firewall?
最近の変更はKingKraft69が行いました; 2013年9月22日 8時49分
sAcred 2013年9月22日 8時18分 
I can't walk,i can't move... i don't have router and i tried windows firewall and didn't work .-.
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