WhiteNinja 2013年9月15日 5時09分
Keyboard & mouse newbie, can i learn on Rising Storm?
Hi all, i have just come to PC for the first time ever and im still learning to use keyboard and mouse. Ive got 3 hours practice so far on ARMA3 tutorials, thats how new i am and i cant even really move fluently yet, i still have to look at the keys to crouch and stuff.
What i would like to know is if there is a game mode on Rising Storm i can practice on, like easy bot matches or something like that.
This game looks UNREAL and is the sort of game i left xbox to play (also ARMA3) but reading the forums i can tell i would not have a good time in competetive multiplayer yet, i need to be better with the keyboard and mouse first thats obvious.
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Piffbib 2013年9月15日 5時28分 
ARMA is way more demanding in keyboarding than RS. RS is much more conventional and easier to learn in its keys. You will have no problem with RS.
<(o.O)>Fezarella^™ 2013年9月15日 6時18分 
You will get the hang of it what ever game it is. Ive sorta used the same layout for 10+ years with just a few buttons here and there xtra depending on what the game is so just find somthing comfortable and your set to go. I left the consoles behind at the sega mega drive ( which i still have lol ) the online pc games are far better and i would say they last longer than a console?

Youve already made the change over just enjoy it, even if it is hard at first. Big tip for RO2/RS look in the community guides for tips and a helping hand i needed to even if its just to recognise your team and the enemy ( i needed to ) :D
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