Magnar 2013年9月14日 18時05分
Buying Rising storm when you already own RO2
I already own RO2, so do I just buy the RS digital diluxe upgrade or do I have to pay for Rising Storm?
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FBlue 2013年9月14日 18時14分 
The "deluxe upgrade" upgrades the regular Rising Storm to the digital deluxe version. It doesn't upgrade RO2 to RS. You need to buy Rising Storm in either the normal version or the digital deluxe version.
FBlue 2013年9月14日 18時16分 
Just to be clear deluxe upgrade only upgrades the game you have to deluxe. It doesn't make your RO2 into RS. You need to buy the regular game not a upgrade.
Magnar 2013年9月14日 19時45分 
Okay thanks, I wasn't sure.
Honeycone 2013年9月15日 3時58分 
I'm actually confused. I bought RO2 a while ago and then one day the title changed to "Rising Storm / RO2". So I mean, can I buy a RS from another website and add it to steam or do I have to buy the full version of RS via the link RS gives me in game?
Honeycone 2013年9月15日 4時24分 
Since I'm so impatient I bought it anyway at gamefly for 67% off! And while it doesn't seem like any game was added to my library, I got a notification when I activated the key that "Rising Storm Retail" has been added. So I guess everything is fine and dandy!
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