Cat Branchman 2013 09 月 14 @ 4:50下午
Hacking becoming more common?
I have never seen a hacker in this game before today, a few days ago I saw a forum thread about a hacker, he had a video showing the guy clearly hacking (shooting people nowhere near him by basically teleporting their hitbox to the front of his gun he ended up with 300+ kills). Today I played a game with someone that was using the same hacks shown in the video on that original thread. Has anyone else seen any hackers lately? Why all the sudden does it seem to be becoming an issue?

Edit: here is a link to that original thread if ur interested:
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FBlue 2013 09 月 14 @ 6:04下午 
The more popular a game gets the more cheaters, griefers, and jerks the game will get.
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