Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

DOPEmoves 2013年9月14日下午12:59
is this game worth buying, how many people are actually playing this game!?!?
I debating on buying this game but if there are not enough people playing. well....
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J o k e r 2013年9月14日下午1:41 
314 servers

1555 players currently online

I never have trouble finding matches.
n00b 2013年9月14日下午1:55 
Generally, these servers are more active during the U.S. afternoon, when european players are also playing in their late night. That being said, its usually possible to find many servers that are good.
Sir Tobias 2013年9月14日下午2:12 
The Community is Alive if that is what your asking...
Ryan 2013年9月14日下午2:25 
medium community but a lot of great players in every ways
Kraft 2013年9月14日下午2:59 
If you're from NA/Europe you won't have problems.
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