Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Quincy Jones 2013年8月28日 23時31分
Post your longest pistol kill
Post a screen shot of your longest recorded pistol kill. Here's mine. I've actually gotten further kills, but I did not record them.

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Pte Maylam 2013年8月29日 0時50分 
I got shot from 132m.

On the other hand, I was crouching in one of Kurgan's many trenches and the chap had shot a number of people while his name changed frequently to the names of players on the other team. He was a hacker, so I guess it doesn't count.

But I'm very interested to see that a kill like that is possible.
Enrique Brands 2013年8月29日 5時37分 
89m in spartanovka when there was someone on the maxim in the church
CLOCKWORK PEPE 2013年8月29日 9時11分 
69m but I almost never use pistol.
Gothmog the King of Balrogs 2013年8月29日 9時44分 
almost 100m in spartanovka in one of the windows of the mayor's office.
Quincy Jones 2013年8月29日 13時34分 
I think I'm using the pistols 'wrong' a majority of my kills with them have been in the 50-70m range and 100-115m isnt uncommon for me. =P
It might have to do with the fact I play as MG and AT quite often and can't make kills with my primary weapon while I'm on the move. I think my longest unrecorded pistol kill was 151 meters with the suppressed 1895 Nagant. I got lucky and scored a critical heart hit, on my second shot, and he went right down.
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Pte Maylam 2013年8月29日 16時45分 
My pistol very rarely comes out at all, because as a sniper I'll be using the semi-auto ones (so hang me); as a machine gunner I'll be using the Mg from the hip, and as an AT'er I usually don't have the time to pull it out if someone's outflanked me before I`ve been shot. So I usually use it to kill people I'm aware of and have the drop on - or if I've been surprised I'll blat off the magazine quickly and then run away. These distances are never more than 20m, because if they are I can usually run off and find a decent 2ndary weapon.
The Man With No Username 2013年8月30日 10時34分 
I rarely use my pistol for long range, but nevertheless my longest shot was 69 meters on hanto, heartshot with the 1911. Felt really satisfying as he went down in one shot
Pte Maylam 2013年8月30日 12時15分 
75m on rakowice, all the more satisfying as sharing my bunker was someone with a sniper's rifle who was being even less effective.

I should add, this thread inspired me to try.
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Tibbles n' Bits 2013年8月30日 19時08分 
6 meters. with the nambu.
FlashBurn 2013年8月30日 21時57分 
That I know of...78. Longer than that...MOST likly. The c96 is a bit over the top after about level 25.
Jeffreybakker 2013年9月1日 11時12分 
3 meters :)
Quincy Jones 2013年9月14日 9時29分 
BTK Sooks の投稿を引用:

Those are ok shots, but you should try that against real players :D
Yeah, I just happened to be in a game with a lot of bots. I find the bots more difficult to hit than humans because they will litterally dodge bullets. Human players are very predictable and tend to be easier to hit especially when they're 'crouch' running out in the open it creates a very easy target, for me. That and the fact that the Nagant is suppressed, usually means that I dont draw a lot of attention, which is why it's my favorite gun. I often use the nagant revolver as an anti sniper weapon against human players, it's quite effective for flanking, and a sniper that isnt moving around is very easy to hit from 80+ meters with the pistol, once you get a clear shot. Compare this to a bot, I've had bots dodge bullets behind cover, they duck after I fire, but before the bullet reaches them, it can be a huge pain.
Pte Maylam 2013年9月14日 17時31分 
Yeah humans behave and move predictably, bots will change direction immediately without even turning. If I'm attempting to shoot moving targets, humans are easier. I guess what I'm saying is, I agree with Quincy. Again.
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