Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Kamfrenchie 8 czerwca 2013 o 17:38
Is this game really poorly optimized ?
Though i do think i have the recommanded specs, and i'm sure i at least have the minimum one, i get several issues.
I occasionally get lagspikes in the worst moments, it sometimes take ages just to get back to the main menu.

Heck, the game seems to slow down if it needs to display a steam announce or even a tip sometimes.

All this with the lowest settings, and reduced resolution

Anyone getting performance issues like that ?
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Dingdong09 8 czerwca 2013 o 17:44 
Yeah I have a very strong system and I get both lag spikes and micro stutters. RO2 was the same and I had a completely different computer for it.
Kraft ♥ Squad 8 czerwca 2013 o 18:56 
lower than min and it runs fine.
Offroadracer1600 8 czerwca 2013 o 21:40 
Running fine with everything on ultra ;)
Sentinarian 9 czerwca 2013 o 1:45 
Most poorly optimised game I have ever seen. I am way over the minimum specs and the game looks like a stop-motion video from time to time with everything turned down. I suffer from lag spikes, frame freezes, non-responsive controls and my personal favourite, random events (commiting suicide with a grenade while playing a class that doesn't even have grenades equiped for example). Before RS came out, RO2 was eventually working fine for me but then RS came out and everything went back to the way it was.

TWI seems to be making a habit of releasing a game in, what I would call, a pre-beta stage... To me (and I know people will disagree with me) this game is an unfinished product and was released when it was deemed 'good enough'. Now we'll get update after update which will break stuff that didn't need fixing and it won't fix what does need it. Classic TWI.
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Groene_Thee (Zbanowany) 9 czerwca 2013 o 2:09 
Yes, it IS poorly optimized.
Look at how it runs on anything more than 4 cores. Its horrible.

Hint: stay away from 64 player servers. The UE3 engine was never made for 64 players, nor were the RO2/RS maps made for 64 players. TWI put 64 players in to have an argument to sell the game to the cod/BF-crowd.

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★ Sisko | SK 9 czerwca 2013 o 2:56 
I got AMD dual core, 6gb ram and all settings on Ultra +40fps....

Kamfrenchie 9 czerwca 2013 o 3:23 
Początkowo opublikowane przez SiskoSK:
I got AMD dual core, 6gb ram and all settings on Ultra +40fps....


i'm not playing on a notebook
Lyngton 9 czerwca 2013 o 4:11 
*scratches head* I'm doing 100-120fps constantly. Google fps configs and such if you're having problems. All I had to do was set MaxSmoothFramerate=120 and tweak some in-game settings (no aa, no blur, no lightshafts, low shadows. Rest is medium/high/ultra).
oNISYG 9 czerwca 2013 o 4:42 
♥♥♥♥ this its the last time i buy a game from these guys what a ♥♥♥♥ing unpolished turd they've made. Its sad cause i think the settings is cool but the engine is terrible.
BroodjeParkiet 9 czerwca 2013 o 4:45 
i play on the gt 555m and this one of the few games that run fine for me
faCe [HPMC] 9 czerwca 2013 o 4:51 
I only play on servers with 60 players or more because I like it crowded.
My PC is pretty wooden and I always have 25+ fps and no lag, except when Punkbuster is messing something up.

My specs:

Acer Aspire x3200
AMD Phenom 9650 quad-core 2,3 GHz
4 GB RAM (DDR-2)
Palit GT 520 2 GB overclocked

I think this game is very well optimized as I don't even have to play on low settings.
polo9092 9 czerwca 2013 o 4:56 
first of all apologize for my English is very bad
I have a problem and I want to play with the rising storm control with the xbox controller but not so that the character does not move, but if you do other things like jump, shoot.
I need a pc controller? or what I can do with the xbox?
Titan357 9 czerwca 2013 o 12:15 
ugh, this is likely the most underrated game I have played and enjoyed this year. I think the only game rated lower this this one when I looked was the Game of thrones RPG. RO2 has so far been amazing.
No issues here.
Its a fun game, sadly not many people are playing it, but normally I can find at least 1 64 man server going strong.

AMD 1055T @3.9 / 7970 core edition / 8 gigs if ddr 3 # 1333.
Offroadracer1600 27 września 2013 o 13:44 
Asus 680 4gb...fx 8350@5.0..16gb@2133...Sabertooth R2.0...Getting 20-30 fps in battle. Terribleeeeeeeee
Roadhead Dogg 27 września 2013 o 13:52 
OP the fact that you don't even know what your specs are(what it seems like) tells me that you have no idea what optimization means, so no one here can answer your question because you won't understand it.

This game is optimized fine.
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