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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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PC lock up
I am having issues with this game. While ingame I suddenly hear buzzing sound after which my PC locks up and I have to restart it.

My specs: i5 3570k, AsRock z77 extreme4, Kingston hyperx blu 16 gb ddr3, Gainward GTX 660 GS. Windows 7 64bit, all driver up to date.

I used Steam's option to verify integrity of game cache several times. Every time 1 file is reported damaged and Steam downloads it, but that does not help.

This is the only game I have any problems with.

I searched several forums about this crashing issue, among which are Tripwire's and Steam's. Many people complain about same error for months and years. It seems Tripwire is not doing much to fix what ever is causing this.

It is a shame because based on a couple of hours of gameplay I managed to achieve without crashing I was very pleased with the game itself. However, I wish I checked forums first before spending my money on a product that does not work quite well.
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