Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Gonzo 2013년 1월 4일 오후 9시 07분
PnkbstrA.exe error
cannot play a single online game due to this error.
i log in to a server and after 5 seconds i have been kicked.

i have no idea when this started, why its starting now. i would like a solution.
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Snailman 2013년 1월 4일 오후 9시 37분 
Hi Adrian,
here is what I did to solve my Punkbuster issues:

1. did you try to reinstall Punkbuster?
You can download the current version here:

2. If so, did you try to reinstall the server files?
you can download it here:

3. Ultimately I had to remove my local pb user files, obviously they were somehow corrupted. The bad folder was "C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\HOS\pb" (obviously you have to replace <username> with your username to find the folder).
I renamed it to something else and reinstalled PB afterwards (step 1 & 2). That did the job for me.
Half-Trolled 2 2013년 1월 5일 오전 4시 47분 
Maybe,then you installed game,your punkbuster didnt installed?
Gonzo 2013년 1월 5일 오전 5시 53분 
Thanks for replying you guys,
but these didnt seem to do the trick.
i've uninstalled the game for now due to me favouring another game at the moment.

maybe when i reinstall it will not be so tempermental.
thanks again. much appreciated.
Snailman 2013년 1월 5일 오전 9시 22분 
good luck then. Just encountered the same ting; unclear error messages out of the blue (after it used to work before). To me it helped to kill the local data in the user folder.
<AKA>Attila 2013년 1월 9일 오전 1시 18분 
You need to update Punkbuster. You can do so by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\red orchestra 2\Binaries\windows

Look for pbsvc_hos.exe and double click it.

It will do a checkup of your local PB-files and when it says all OK at the end of the process, try again playing.

Rectal Spray 2013년 1월 10일 오전 8시 58분 
2013, and thease jerks are still using 1998 technology to combat cheaters.

They exclusively sell their games over steam, there is no excuse why they dont use Valve Anticheat.

Punkbuster has been flawed from the beginning. Almost every computer I have ever owned has had problems with PB, most of the time requireing me to manually install and update PB. (Woohoo, how is that for tech support?!?! Go and #$%^ing do it manually.)

If you are still having problems after you have tried all the above, take a visit to the PB FAQ list. They have a bunch of things that it might be.

oh, a really easy fix for most people.... Un-plug your router, and plug your modem directly into your network adapter. If it works after doing this is, it means you need to check out PB site, and tweak your routers firewall to their specifications.
SkullCrush 2013년 11월 14일 오전 3시 25분 
i have just the same problem when trying to play cz/cs ,steam never lounch...
Gonzo 2013년 11월 14일 오전 7시 37분 
couple of re-installs and updates later, and it fixes itself :/
i better not jinx myself here
~{1E}~ReichsFührerSS 2013년 11월 17일 오전 12시 07분 
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