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Steam not updating please help
Hi can someone please help me. I have tired the support section, the email they are sending is not getting to me to verify my account so I am stuck in a loop, even though i have purchased the game from steam, go figure??

The steam app tried to update 4 days ago and gave me that it can open file /bin/sdl.dll
tried to reinstall - nothing
i removed it with revo uninstaller and installed fresh..from the steam web site
then i started getting the error "steam.exe (main exeption): ERROR: copying SteamNew.exe to Steam.exe failed, Win32 error 32 "The process cannot access the file because its being used by another process"

I am running Win 7 ultimate
AVG antivirus (tired disabling the AV also)

does anyone have any ideas it will be appreciated, I know its not for discussion here but I am sure some of you might have had the same problems and would have an idea how to fix it. Thanks in advance, Silencer