Stan 1337 2012年12月3日 14時13分
What conflict would you choose?
Title says it all, what conflict would you choose for a game like this, and why?
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Gnome Chompski 2012年12月3日 15時07分 
veitnam, I think It would be good
420maki 2012年12月3日 15時47分 
winter war/continuation war hands down.
Stan 1337 2012年12月3日 16時04分 
This style game would make a neat WW1 game, also Korea.
YouMan'Менталист 2012年12月4日 9時31分 
Vietnam - The atmosphere of the time. Waiting Rising Storm.
And I would like to embody the history of Leningrad. - Red Orchestra 3: Leningrad or Red Orchestra 3: Battle of Berlin
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[GCG] Úlfhéðinn Panzerlied 2012年12月4日 12時52分 
A Pacific Mod, Rising Storm, will be out sometime early next year. Also, In Country: Vietnam is being developed, as well as Karelian Front, which is a Continuation War mod for RO2. There's also a WW1 Mod called Iron Europe -1914-1918 also in development. As far as Vietnam/Finland/WW1 go, no release dates on those yet.
[GCG] Úlfhéðinn Panzerlied 2012年12月4日 12時54分 
I like the idea of a North Africa/Sicily/Italy campiagn, kinda like Mare Nostrum. I just want to play as the Fallschirmjagers fighting in Crete and Monte Cassino.
coolnames 2012年12月4日 20時51分 
Chyeah! I like Stan's idea... WW1 and Korea would be interesting. :D
Panzer Fuhrer Dolan 2012年12月4日 23時34分 
WW1 sounds good, I think we need a little while longer for a good Vietnam game. Let graphics and destruction physics expand a little more to be able to really capture a good feel for it with a large map size and player count.
Blackbandit1 2012年12月5日 3時53分 
in my opion i think we should add the british and other small countrys just for kicks like, italy, polish, french ? idk LOL they might not fighting at all XD give em a surrender button while ur at it.
Yggdrasil 2012年12月5日 4時56分 
I'm definitely looking forward to both Rising Storm and In Country, mainly because neither has been done well as a game. But for other battles, the list is endless. I'd like France 1940, or even a hypothetical Operation Sea Lion. The Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921 would be interesting. Crete 1941, anyone?
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Gottlob Berger SSFHA 2012年12月5日 6時47分 
American Civil War Mod.
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The King Slayer 2012年12月5日 14時59分 
What about one in the Battle of the Buldge?
fecske 2012年12月6日 12時36分 
My dream is RO3, slower gameplay than RO2, bigger maps more vehicles, more weapons, more classes, without bugs like RO1.
Berlin battles, Vietnam
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Lunatic 2012年12月6日 14時02分 
I would really like to see a WW1 multiplayer shooter (with the realism of RO obviously)
Stan 1337 2012年12月6日 15時23分 
Fecske の投稿を引用:
My dream is RO3, slower gameplay than RO2, bigger maps more vehicles, more weapons, more classes, without bugs like RO1.
Berlin battles, Vietnam

I wouldn't mind a jeep or something of that nature, but no more vehicles. I can't stand the tanks and things of that nature.
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