A_Pacifist_Assassin 2012年12月1日上午6:12
Does tripwire check these forums?
Just wondering. After the huge steam patch of some months ago the forums were horribly divided, not only in this game but almost everywhere in old steampowered forums, game hub forums (these) and sometimes developer forums.

I had the chance to post some ideas a long time ago....
Of course not expecting to see them in game, at least not anytime soon.

But do they ever check these forums?
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gadgadovich 2012年12月1日上午6:48 
Adolf Stalin 2012年12月1日上午10:11 
Too much negative feedback, and they don't want to live in a real world.
-Nw'BlueMind 2012年12月1日上午11:19 
I don't know for this forum but yes, they check often the official forum. Sometimes they take care of complaints and sometimes not.
But if you want a better chance of being heard, go to: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/
A_Pacifist_Assassin 2012年12月1日下午12:04 
Yeah. I registered myself but it doesnt send activation email :S
=F|R=Sarcinelli 2012年12月5日下午7:26 
Haven't seen them here in SPUD but they used to actively check RO section over SPUF.
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