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Pr0man 29 ноември 2012 в 1:13 следобед
No Server and one weird error message
Hi there,

after a gaming break i wanted to play Red Orchestra again.
Problem is that I my client doesn't find any servers.

But when I use the Steam serversearch, servers can be found.
I click on connect and RO2 opens but it still cannot connect to the server calling following error message:

'You cannot join the match because the host has downloadable content you do not.'

That can't be! I already played on this server, and the map is FallenFighters. Something is very strange.

My pc has still the same network settings and my routers didn't change either.
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-Nw'BlueMind 30 ноември 2012 в 10:14 сутринта 
It seems your game is not updated. When it happens, you can't see any server on the ingame browser, and the error you gave say something like that.
Check if your game had the last update and verify the cache integritiy. Except that, I can't understand what is your problem. Good luck !
Pr0man 1 декември 2012 в 4:57 сутринта 
You are my hero!

The integrity check failed at over 300 files. After updating again, the server list was full!

Thank you :)
-Nw'BlueMind 1 декември 2012 в 8:17 сутринта 
You're welcome... See you on the battlefield !
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