mr_michal_nr1 2012年11月28日 5時49分
have hugh problems when i play on multiplayer, my game is hacking so sometimes when i run or aim its freezes for couple second, and than the target is gone or im dead.. over and over again... how to fix it????
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Moskeeto 2012年11月28日 9時52分 
Lower your graphics settings.
The King Slayer 2012年12月5日 15時49分 
it could be a connection problem, mabey you need a better internet connection, or you could lower the setting on your game
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mr_michal_nr1 2012年12月11日 4時55分 
Thank you ! im new to this, never been in a community like this before, so i gladely take advice how i can use it to maximum.... what does it mean to join a clan in RED2 for example??
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