Sgt.B.F.G 2013年10月21日 15時02分
German version now uncut?
everything i want to know is descriped in the title.
I just heard that the games is, despite the patch, still cut for some people and i want to know if this is fixed now or not.
The thing is i got a very slow internet-connection so i want to know if this is fixed before i have to load 5,8gb.

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R5CYA 2013年10月21日 19時53分 
it is uncut. unfortunatly some people have reported still getting a cut version. TWI has no way to tell if you'll get cut or not. they are trying to find out why some people get it cut.
you will have to dl that 5.8gb to find out. sorry.
p.s. at least you know there'll be a game to play after you dl it. i downloaded well over 150gb in so many tries i can't count them, trying to install a saints row patch for my sons PS3!
Sensei 2013年10月24日 11時19分 
How do I know if it is cut or uncut?
Crystal 2013年10月24日 11時36分 
Maybe if your version lack of something like this it means that its cut;3
Also i heared that some taunts were changed in version with native german speeches.
Kraft 2013年10月24日 13時18分 
The Nazi stuff is still not ingame unlike the gore, half (un)cut.
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