Mr. Roy Batty, Notary Public 2013年10月19日下午9:23
So this game changed to "Rising Storm/RO2" in my games list. Does that mean I own Rising Storm as well?
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The Blue Falcon 2013年10月19日下午9:32 
Yes, but I believe the only class you can play as in RS is a Rifleman. To play as the other classes you have to purchase RS.
Mr. Roy Batty, Notary Public 2013年10月19日下午9:34 
So if I buy RS, nothing downloads, right? It just unlocks the other classes? That's kind of crazy, haha.
Moskeeto 2013年10月19日下午10:13 
That's correct. It just unlocks your ability to use all the other roles.
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