Trist 2013年10月19日 1時39分
Zombie mode maybe??
I know its a stereotype thats going on but still. Imagine: Team of 8-16 players of japanese + american fighting together on the Iwo Jima map, dozens of zombies going across the beach, and LIMITED ammo, no support or reinforcements. Objectives have to be guarded, but the waves of zombies forcing the players back farther, some dying to cover the others. Lost objectives mean less ammo refill and less area to defend. Would this be epic or am i talking out of my ♥♥♥?
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Moskeeto 2013年10月19日 1時41分 
Most of the community seems to be completely against having a zombie mod because zombies are so overdone. I, on the otherhand, would love a zombie mod. Playing as all four factions in coop along with the entire arsenal of the game would be fantastic. A similar mode to Killing Floor or even CoD zombies would be great fun, imo.
Crystal 2013年10月19日 2時13分

Just because it gonna be copypaste from Cod and so and orchestra always standed alone from them maybe except the similarity of it to CS;3
I would prefer to see an ability to play Soviet vs Japanese and USA vs Germans.
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Loco 2013年10月19日 3時51分 
I would prefer Vehicles and real combined arms maps.
Crystal 2013年10月19日 4時38分 
Yeah would be nice too.
Lord Melbury 2013年10月19日 5時59分 
I rather see the flamers tank explode, realistic or not.
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Moskeeto 2013年10月19日 12時29分 
Klaus Tauber の投稿を引用:
I rather see the flamers tank explode, realistic or not.
I'm glad that will never be implemented into the game.
Humpypants 2013年10月19日 13時52分 
Community: BOO we don't want more stuff and more choices. We want to be limited. We reject the posibility of expanding the population. We don't want more content that is completely optional BOOOOOO
Mikeedude 2013年10月19日 14時00分 
It would make a good project for a mod team.
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