HatlessHorseMan 2013年10月16日 22時27分
Arisaka type 38 VS Arisaka type 99 VS Springfield M1903A1
Many times have I asked people what they prefer, and it is almost always the type 38 that receives all the praise. I personally would choose the Springfield for its "HOLY CHRIST! 18 INCHES?!" bayonet, among other things. I never really use the type 99 because the sights are obstructive. From what I can tell, It seems slightly less accurate that the 38.

So what do you guys prefer?
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Loco 2013年10月16日 22時46分 
Type 38 it sounds and feels nice.
Springfield feels wonky and sounds ♥♥♥♥ty.

Edit: Type 99 is also nice but the sights are ♥♥♥♥.
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Mighty Poo 2013年10月17日 0時05分 
Of those three I prefer the type 99. It doesn't feel as nice as the 38 and I kind've hate its sight - but once you get used to it you'll find its accuracy and stopping power are great :)

The standard Springfield is probably my least favourite primary weapon in Rising Storm, its iron sights just don't work for me D:
Mormacil 2013年10月17日 2時04分 
The difference in stopping power versus the difference in accuracy I pick stopping power so I go with the Type99. Can't really say I have that much experience with the Springfield.
HALK Z SOSNOWCA 2013年10月17日 3時54分 
I like 99 because of stopping power, and I prefer its sight more than 38.

I cant say anything about american weapons, since beta i played american side only few times. American team is always full.
Crystal 2013年10月17日 4時05分 
I cant deal with springfield good because of sights but i like type 38 awesome sights as for 99 i didnt play with it much only as a sniper.
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Shandrolis 2013年10月17日 9時50分 
I actually like the type99, and love its sights
HatlessHorseMan 2013年10月17日 10時01分 
I don't see anything wrong with the Springfield's sights. In fact, I prefer them!

I'm going to get in game and reevaluate the Springfield. I don't quite see how it is wonky and I think the sights are fine. If I can still get 100 meter kills no problem, then it's just an aesthetic problem you guys have.
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HatlessHorseMan 2013年10月17日 10時24分 
Oh damn. I confused the 38 and the 99. I going to edit my posts.
Crystal 2013年10月17日 10時38分 
I didnt say that its bad at all i just think that i found it not so good for myself also kills on 100m not a big deal with every weapon.
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Slov 2013年10月17日 22時05分 
Type 38.... faster round and looks cooler. I hate the irons on 99... not enough visibility, too much tunnel vision.

Springfield sights are just terrible and it recoils too much. The 38 lighter faster, easy recoil round is much more effective to reload and kill.
HatlessHorseMan 2013年10月17日 22時26分 
IDK, guys. I still like my Springfield. I suppose the 38 is an over all better rifle, but I will always love my Springfield <3
Moskeeto 2013年10月17日 22時30分 
I prefer the Springfield as well.
HatlessHorseMan 2013年10月17日 22時31分 
RST Moskeeto の投稿を引用:
I prefer the Springfield as well.

TheRaptorFence 2013年10月21日 1時16分 
Type 99 first and foremost, I like to be able to down a man with a body shot, plus it looks cleaner and I like the sights, even if the monopod seems totally useless.

But springfield any day over the other three RS rifles. Still has stopping power, the sound is great, the sights aren't bad at all, and a little recoil on a bolt action never hurt anyone. If fact, if you're firing so fast that you aren't allowing time for the recoil to finish, you're doing it wrong. At least it doesn't sound or feel like a pea shooter...looking at you, 38 and M1.
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