Agent-1138[GB] 2013年10月15日 9時59分
Just me or....
Does RO2 Crash a lot for anyone since the recent updates.
最近の変更はAgent-1138[GB]が行いました; 2013年10月15日 10時02分
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Mikeedude 2013年10月15日 10時19分 
it has for me, in fact before tha last couple of patches i had only crashed a couple of times before.
Agent-1138[GB] 2013年10月15日 10時20分 
Yea I used to crash after 3-4 maps; now its 3 times per map, and a LOT of freezing. This never happened before...
Chiken Grease 2013年10月15日 14時07分 
I noticed that when using a mic if you hit the talk button and let go quickly when a match is about to start it crashes everytime. Its easy to avoid but still annoying. Not sure if that happens for anyone else... also when that happens steam also freezes so I force close it in task manager.
Holden_Mcgroin 2013年10月15日 14時14分 
yes, since last update. new nvidia drivers and same crashing. a couple of times not just a "crash" but proper old school complete black screen and have to hit the big button

I don't know if this helped, but I remembered I had the core-parking disabled from ages ago (trying to wring some extra performace out of something else) So I enabled core parking again and I have not crashed for the last 3 games, playing a whole map and a couple of maps one after the other on the same server. Although it does get some odd stuttering now and then even in menus that wasn't there before.

modest spec: phenom quad 3.4 / gtx560Ti
最近の変更はHolden_Mcgroinが行いました; 2013年10月15日 14時23分
Emperor Zombie 2013年10月15日 14時22分 
Thats odd its been crashing less offten for me.
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