Chalklit 2013年11月4日下午2:03
Suppression = Fumbling (slower) reload
Not sure if it would even be possible to code this into the game at this point, but I was thinking the other night how cool it would be if the suppression effect actually modified reload times.

The mechanics of such a system don't have to be all that complicated; the heavier the incoming fire i.e. your level of suppression, the greater the amount of time it takes to reload your weapon. Considering many soldiers in WWII (and any war, for that matter) likely found themselves shaking when under heavy fire, I think a fumbling reload mechanic - complete with animations for shaky hands, of course - based on suppression would be a wonderful addition to a game as realistic as RO2/RS.
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Pte Maylam 2013年11月4日下午3:07 
It'd be interesting to see, but I'd also think it would be very interesting to see stoppages with weapons too.
Loco 2013年11月4日下午3:29 
I like this idea, +1.
Lord Melbury 2013年11月5日上午4:01 
Great idea, and while fumbling with reloading some fear of death screams.
[KSG]Darkassassin 2013年11月5日下午1:55 
this would be neat to see in the game
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Mormacil 2013年11月5日下午2:41 
Fumbling reload would be cool, nice touch to the whole panic thing.
[GND] Jester 2013年11月7日下午4:26 
This is actually a really good idea.
Sir Tobias 2013年11月9日下午4:53 
This is quite a good idea. A+
A Pacifist Assassin (university) 2013年11月10日上午5:26 
I'm not sure if it already does, but some voices tell me that it takes longer to reload (no further animations though) under enemy fire.
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