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Myelin Sheaths #over100ping 4 ноември 2013 в 2:24сут.
Whenever I play Germany
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HALK Z SOSNOWCA 4 ноември 2013 в 7:57сут. 
Congratulations, you won internet :D
- Stich - 4 ноември 2013 в 8:02сут. 
LOLOLOL!! Too funny! Thanks for posting that!
1234 4 ноември 2013 в 8:30след. 
In case anybody's wondering, it's a parody of a crappy Russian pop band "Ruki Vverh!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3a7-3ZsaiA). The lyrics are a loose German translation of the song heavily corrupted by random German words remembered by most Russians from the war/war movies.
[3D]Crystal 5 ноември 2013 в 5:02сут. 
Oh lol this band is absolutely rubbish it was popular maybe in 90's if it ever was just cant understand why you brought another track from them in this thread.
Loco 7 ноември 2013 в 2:53след. 
Terry Crews 8 ноември 2013 в 10:28сут. 
Hahaha brilliant.
R5CYA 9 ноември 2013 в 8:37сут. 
Първоначално публикувано от Moskeeto:
lol! are we going to be able to break dance with your models in the game? ;-)
Ten Thousandth Boris, the Third 10 ноември 2013 в 7:15сут. 
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