Clark 2013年11月3日 12時21分
Fix or Enforce non blank character names

Basically 2 players on same team with the same name. How am I to know who to start a votekick against. Also it's frankly getting old see people with no name.
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Mormacil 2013年11月3日 12時36分 
CHOPY 2013年11月3日 12時55分 
Totally support this. But there is no need to enfoce anything , those are not blank names , it's names writen in cyrillic.
I play with Russian language , tough i'd prefer to play in English. Only due the fact so i could see cyrillic.
There is a lot of Russian players , so the issue must be adressed.
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Pte Maylam 2013年11月3日 13時44分 
I don't see why Europeans can't view cyrilic. I mean, those what can read cyrilic will benefit; those who couldn't don't really lose anything. It annoys me that cyrilic is not displayed; as Chopy mentioned, especially as there's a lot of Russians playing.
Moskeeto 2013年11月3日 13時45分 
I agree 100%. As an American, I rarely encounter players with names in cryllic, but it still happens from time to time.
Zyfer 2013年11月3日 14時24分 
SmaSh it Up 2013年11月3日 15時59分 
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