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Whatever happened to Iron Europe 1914-1916 (WW1 mod)?
I had been keeping tabs up on it until summer and then had forgotton about it. Suddenly Verdun, a game on steam is getting very popular. This caused me to remember the mod team behind it.

Verdun looks good for what it is (a three man project) but it's just not looking to my tastes - even though they do have some wonderful ideas!

Anyone know if Iron Europe is still happening? I want to see 32v32 WW1 setting, with Red Orchestra 2 bullet physics and drop and health systems. I'm sure the modders have ideas for how to make a game in WW1 fun, but if there's anything that's to be taken under Tripwire's wing, (or at least given some support) I would to see this be that project.

There's hardly enough WW1 games. It would be fun to see how the mod-team and in theory, TWI - handled things like gas, artillery (maybe we can actually 'crew' artillery?) and anti-gas masks/systems. I for one, would like to see this.

TDLR - What's the news on the WW1 mod for RO2? Should it be worked on further, with help from TWI? Is anyone else interested in it?
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Iron Europe died like 2(?) years ago. The majority of the devs joined back together with grabenkrieg however that mod is currently on the edge of getting stopped - if you can code talk to them :)
And how is that going? We still want a a decent WW1 shooter, I preferably with RO lobby sizes and mechanics!
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however that mod is currently on the edge of getting stopped - if you can code talk to them :)
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